“SMART” Rabies Tag Review


“Smart” Rabies Tags Review

These are COOL! Unlike earlier versions that can be bought on amazon, these “smart” tags will last for years.  These tags contain the smartphonepettag-herolatest in digital Smartphone Technology. Like a normal rabies tag, each tag shows the current required information, the Vet Clinic name and phone number on the front, but on the back, the tag contains a QR code that provides key information on the Pet, the Owner and the Veterinary Clinic. Each Tag also provides a digital Pet Health Profile with the Pet’s complete medical and vaccination history. And if the pet gets lost, a finder with a smartphone can scan the tag which will automatically send a text and an e-mail alert to the owner and a GPS location of exactly where the pet is. If your vet doesn’t have these yet,  Have them contact Stone manufacturing &Supply Com.  AlsoCheck out this smartphonepettagsweb site  http://www.vetidtags.com  This is where you go to register your pet’s tag.

This is a great option, along with a microchip, to make sure that your pet is always returned to you if he gets away or lost

where to buy:  www.stonemfg.net

Price: only available from your veterinarian, $10.00 -$15.00

My Rating :  9.9 out of 10




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