Eddie Thunder’s review of low light laser therapy


IMG_7609My Name is Eddie Thunder

Well Actually that is my stage name..  imagine  Ed McMann  saying it.. that’s how I like it.. I am a Cardigan Welsh Corgi, yes I have a beautiful Tail , and, I have a beautiful tale.  I am 6 years old and live on a small farm with my sister, Dixie, and the rest of the gang, which includes a lot of cats, a horse, two goats, some chickens.. well you get the picture, it is a hard job to keep them all in line.  Any way,  I want to tell you  about how low light laser therapy has helped me feel so much better that now I can fly again.  Being a Cardigan Welsh Corgi isn’t easy.. I’ve got some big dog shoes to fill, and don’t call me little, I might be short, but I can run circles around most other dogs, and I practice doing it every day. I have to keep the other boys in line,  protect the chickens, keep the goats in, and make sure mom has a tennis ball all the time.

The Trouble with little legs

Eddie Flys!
Look at me Fly! Check out that Tail!

There are not a lot of corgis doing agility. Although my kind were bred to herd cattle, most of us don’t get that opportunity very often (although I did chase some sheep once.. ahh,  but that is a different story) and many of my kin turn into couch potatoes. Me, well I like to be outside. I got some great ears and I can hear things before anyone else, so I am kinda on high alert all of the time. Thing is sometimes it is hard for me to settle down and rest, unless I am really tired. Before I moved in with my mom, she used to do agility with my sister, Dixie, but Dixie was just not suited for Agility and mom was hoping that I would like it, Boy, did she ever get her wish. By the time I got my mom trained on how to do Agility, I was addicted to red kong frisbees. Mom was a bit worried about my addiction. If she didn’t watch me close I would destroy a Frisbee every day, so she started using my favorite toy only when we did Agility, (this is when I got addicted to tennis balls, but again, another story). Funny thing is Mom is a really bad Frisbee thrower, or maybe she is so impressed with my flying ability that she likes to keep me on the ground, anyway I catch a lot of ground throws. I am really good at it too. Just as I am within grasping distance, I spread my back wings and slide, like a pro baseball player, into the prey, oops.. I mean Frisbee, grab it with my teeth and shake it, of course I return it to her, so she can throw it again. One day I was helping mom move  my jumps and Eddie Overthings around and she was throwing my Frisbee for me.. I am pretty persistent.. I think maybe she threw it a little to much, because later that day I was unable to get up as my back wings were just worn out (mom said I strained the muscles on the inside of my thighs from sliding).

A Few of my Favorite Things

Bored Eddie
Ribbons bore me!

Like the song, I like to think of my favorite things when I am hurting, and one of my most favorite things in the whole world is when mom lets me sit on her lap, especially when she get the flashie flashie thing she calls the Laser. I don’t know how she does it, but when she holds the Laser on my skin I just relax and my muscles relax and before long I feel so much better. Before mom got the laser thing I was pretty stiff and tried my hardest, just like always, but sometimes I knocked down the bars when I would try to fly over them, and I know that I should not knock them down. Now, I get to be the athlete  I want to be, and I can Fly again.  I can do with out all the fan fair and ribbons, actually the ribbons kinda bore me, but I sure am glad that I can run and play Agility with mom again because it sure is a lot of fun going to different places just so I can get a chance to get that red Frisbee again.

Love Ya All, Well, except for strangers… so don’t be one

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7 years ago

Hi, Shelley,

I came across one of your posts on Flipboard and was thrilled to see that your Cardigan Welsh Corgi Eddie has the same obsession with chasing/returning tennis balls that my brindle Cardie Iorek has. I always thought Iorek was the only Cardie with this particular obsession.

In fact my poor 9-year-old boy just had his 4 upper teeth removed because they had worn down to nubs and one was broken off with the root exposed. The vet said the years Iorek spent chomping down on hard yellow tennis balls and returning them to me to throw them for him had destroyed those four teeth. I now get the Kong squeaky smaller and softer balls with “Happy BIrthday” written on them. They’re squishy, so when he chomps his bottom teeth won’t break off.

What fascinates me, however, is that our herding dogs like to chase and retrieve balls. It’s Iorek’s main source of fun – so much so that I sometimes will toss a ball down the hall in my house for him to chase. When he brings it back he “throws” it to me by flipping his head up slightly and spitting the ball out in my direction. (His uncle, my Cardie named Cirdan, doesn’t chase balls, however. He prefers to sit at my feet and think Great Thoughts.)

Do you have any idea where this interest comes from in a herding dog? I know Border Collies and Australian Shepherds that couldn’t care less about balls. The two Australian cattle dogs that my guys run around with at the park look at Iorek like he’s crazy when he chases balls

I love reading about Cardies and seeing your pictures of Eddie and Dixie. Please keep up the good work, and the great posts!


*You’re welcome to post this comment if you want to but please don’t give my last name. My first name is so distinctive that people can track me down on the Internet fairly easily.