Low Light Laser Therapy / Photobiomodulation; what you need to know

what it doesLow Laser Light Therapy / Photobiomodulation

We are Beings of Light.

Light enables us to read this page by reflecting back to our retina.

We Breath in life giving oxygen, produced by plants using the energy of the sun.

We absorb essential nutrients like vitamin D and we “tan” due to the light of the sun and a chemical reaction in our cells.

This amazing relationship with light is something we share with most living organisms on this planet and as a result we tend to rely on light for energy, information and guidance. It’s no wonder ancient civilizations worshiped the Sun as a life giving, god-like being. Had the sun been smaller, or further away, it is likely none of us would be here.

This process of how our bodies react with light is known as photobiomodulation.

So what does this have to do with low  light laser therapy?  Surprisingly, Low Light Laser Therapy, as we know it, has only been around for about 50 years, yet, the potential of this incredible alternative form of medicine is just beginning to be appreciated and finally understood. The science behind the results is quite amazing and although there are still skeptics, it is hard to argue with results.. Let’s start at the beginning…

What is low light laser therapy?

In 2015, the term Photobiomodulation Therapy (PBMT)  was indexed  to the National Library of Medicine as the term to replace the existing records of low-light laser therapy, Biostimulation, Cold/Cool Laser, Low Level laser therapy, Soft Laser and Low Power Laser Therapy.

The word L.A.S.E.R is an acronym for (Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation), and is distinguished from other light sources by its coherency  (ability to stick together) creating a beam of light in which high energies are concentrated. Laser Light Therapy  is a form of photo-therapy (treatment with light) used to stimulate tissue repair and provide pain management.

How Does Low Laser Light therapy Work?

The laser uses specific bands of light to stimulate tissue at and below the surface of the skin. After an injury, the body needs cellular fuel,Picture2 known as ATP, to heal. With low laser light therapy, a low-level laser directs energy through the skin and to the injured cells. Cells then harness this energy and convert it into more ATP.  The more ATP the body can produce, the faster the cells can repair cellular damage.  Additionally, this injection of cellular fuel helps tissues eliminate the inflammatory substances that cause pain and lead to scar tissue.

This  modality of medicine is  quickly becoming one of the most popular high-tech treatment options for safely and naturally accelerating the body’s natural healing process after injury.   Recently,  with better understanding of the effects of the different wavelengths,  technology has evolved and third generation devices are now available and are proving to provide a higher level of safety, with better results,  in a portable, powerful,  over the counter unit.

Not all lasers are the same

Laser technology began with Albert Einstein, who, in 1917 proposed that electrons could be stimulated to emit light of a particular wavelength, But it would take nearly 40 years before scientist would be able to prove Einstein correct and begin putting lasers on the path to becoming the powerful versatile and universal tool they are today. Fast forward to today, and lasers are an important part of our daily lives. Lasers are used in CDs and DVDs, scanners, fax machines, fiber optics, engraving and cutting  and our cell phones, basically our entire electronic world is connected to lasers.  Lasers are used in LASIK eye surgery and used in Hospitals around the world for easy and safer surgeries.  But not all Lasers are the same.

Photobiomodulation does not induce heating in tissues like surgical lasers,  remember it is all in the photochemical reactions of the certain wavelengths of light with our cell membranes. Compromised cells respond better than healthy cells to light energy allowing these brief treatments of low level light to enhance wound healing and tissue regeneration, reduce inflammation and treat chronic pain.

What you need to know about FDA  Laser Classifications and Laser Safety

According to the Food and Drug Administration or the FDA[1], Laser products are classified on the basis of the highest level of laser radiation to which human access is possible during operation only. Lasers are also classified using physical parameters of the laser, power, wavelength and exposure duration, and is based on the laser’s potential for causing immediate injury to the eye or skin and/or potential for causing fires and/or burns  from direct exposure to the beam or from reflections from diffuse reflective surfaces. The higher the class, the more dangerous  the Laser. The FDA recognizes four major classes ( I to IV) of Lasers including three sub-classes.

below is a chart from the FDA’s Website with product examples:

Class FDA Laser Product Hazard Product Examples
I Considered non-hazardous. Hazard increases if viewed with optical aids, including magnifiers, binoculars, or telescopes. ·         laser printers

·         CD players

·         DVD players

IIa, II Hazard increases when viewed directly for long periods of time. Hazard increases if viewed with optical aids. ·         bar code scanners
IIIa Depending on power and beam area, can be momentarily hazardous when directly viewed or when staring directly at the beam with an unaided eye. Risk of injury increases when viewed with optical aids. ·         laser pointers
IIIb Immediate skin hazard from direct beam and immediate eye hazard when viewed directly. ·         laser light show projectors

·         industrial lasers

·         research lasers

IV Immediate skin hazard and eye hazard from exposure to either the direct or reflected beam; may also present a fire hazard. ·         laser light show projectors

·         industrial lasers

·         research lasers

·         lasers used to perform LASIK eye surgery

In the beginning  Laser technology was quite complicated.

Here is a little information you may not think you need…

Is this the correct wavelength?

Light is composed of photons. A photon can act like a particle or a wave at the same time and travels at the speed of light.  The energy of a photon is directly related to the frequency of its wavelength.  The shorter the waves of light, the greater the energy transferred.. The Intensity of the light determines how many photons strike a given surface. The higher the intensity, the greater the number of photons transferred, thus the greater amount of energy transferred.

Yes, it used to be quite a mathematical formula  to set a laser with the needed power to the proper wavelength to get the desired results. One had to be part doctor and part mathematician to be consistently  successful with a powerful laser.  It is no wonder that many professionals stayed away from early lasers and the dangers that they presented.

Thankfully, technology has evolved and caught up to the Science. Scientists have been successful at pinpointing the exact wavelength  and power needed to help damaged cells  regenerate and repair, and are able to use and understand how different wavelengths work best for different injuries. With this new understanding of how best to use lasers for healing, new lasers have been developed that offer all the power of a class IV Laser with the safety of a Class I, making cold laser light therapy practical, safe, affordable and available  to anyone who wants to improve their own or their pets healing process.

Lasers of old were considered Constant Wave lasers (CWL). New Developments in technology have now created Super Pulsed lasers (SPL).  Some CW laser manufacturers now claim to use pulsed technology by gating the beam with a shutter, chopping it on and off and yes these CW lasers can still produce beneficial effects, but they cannot compare with the density, depth of penetration and patient safety made possible by true Super Pulsed lasers.

Picture12Super Pulsed Laser; Technology comes of Age..

With higher Photon density, True Super Pulsed lasers enable deeper penetration of tissues, up to 5 inches deep, and Super Pulsed lasers produce a high peak impulse of intense light “flashes”, allowing for quicker absorption at the cellular level which increases the energy available and stimulates production of new ATP, leading to optimal rapid pain relief and accelerated healing. With a Super Pulsed laser there are no damaging thermal effects in the tissues allowing for a Class I FDA safety clearance.

With Light being such an important part of living cells, it is about time the use of this energy became available,  and Just like improvements in  technology across the board, lasers have evolved to become a true option for treating injuries, both chronic and acute.  Chiropractors, oral surgeons, and veterinarians are among the many professionals using and praising the results. Professional sports teams have been using the efficiency of laser technology for years to keep their players on the field.  The key to a successful therapeutic dose of laser energy is achieving the right combination of power, wavelength and time, allowing proper penetration,  without causing harmful effects to the cells or creating thermal effects that do more harm then good.

Want to learn more about Photobiomodulation and how it can help relieve your pain?

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Eddie Thunder’s review of low light laser therapy

IMG_7609My Name is Eddie Thunder

Well Actually that is my stage name..  imagine  Ed McMann  saying it.. that’s how I like it.. I am a Cardigan Welsh Corgi, yes I have a beautiful Tail , and, I have a beautiful tale.  I am 6 years old and live on a small farm with my sister, Dixie, and the rest of the gang, which includes a lot of cats, a horse, two goats, some chickens.. well you get the picture, it is a hard job to keep them all in line.  Any way,  I want to tell you  about how low light laser therapy has helped me feel so much better that now I can fly again.  Being a Cardigan Welsh Corgi isn’t easy.. I’ve got some big dog shoes to fill, and don’t call me little, I might be short, but I can run circles around most other dogs, and I practice doing it every day. I have to keep the other boys in line,  protect the chickens, keep the goats in, and make sure mom has a tennis ball all the time.

The Trouble with little legs

Eddie Flys!
Look at me Fly! Check out that Tail!

There are not a lot of corgis doing agility. Although my kind were bred to herd cattle, most of us don’t get that opportunity very often (although I did chase some sheep once.. ahh,  but that is a different story) and many of my kin turn into couch potatoes. Me, well I like to be outside. I got some great ears and I can hear things before anyone else, so I am kinda on high alert all of the time. Thing is sometimes it is hard for me to settle down and rest, unless I am really tired. Before I moved in with my mom, she used to do agility with my sister, Dixie, but Dixie was just not suited for Agility and mom was hoping that I would like it, Boy, did she ever get her wish. By the time I got my mom trained on how to do Agility, I was addicted to red kong frisbees. Mom was a bit worried about my addiction. If she didn’t watch me close I would destroy a Frisbee every day, so she started using my favorite toy only when we did Agility, (this is when I got addicted to tennis balls, but again, another story). Funny thing is Mom is a really bad Frisbee thrower, or maybe she is so impressed with my flying ability that she likes to keep me on the ground, anyway I catch a lot of ground throws. I am really good at it too. Just as I am within grasping distance, I spread my back wings and slide, like a pro baseball player, into the prey, oops.. I mean Frisbee, grab it with my teeth and shake it, of course I return it to her, so she can throw it again. One day I was helping mom move  my jumps and Eddie Overthings around and she was throwing my Frisbee for me.. I am pretty persistent.. I think maybe she threw it a little to much, because later that day I was unable to get up as my back wings were just worn out (mom said I strained the muscles on the inside of my thighs from sliding).

A Few of my Favorite Things

Bored Eddie
Ribbons bore me!

Like the song, I like to think of my favorite things when I am hurting, and one of my most favorite things in the whole world is when mom lets me sit on her lap, especially when she get the flashie flashie thing she calls the Laser. I don’t know how she does it, but when she holds the Laser on my skin I just relax and my muscles relax and before long I feel so much better. Before mom got the laser thing I was pretty stiff and tried my hardest, just like always, but sometimes I knocked down the bars when I would try to fly over them, and I know that I should not knock them down. Now, I get to be the athlete  I want to be, and I can Fly again.  I can do with out all the fan fair and ribbons, actually the ribbons kinda bore me, but I sure am glad that I can run and play Agility with mom again because it sure is a lot of fun going to different places just so I can get a chance to get that red Frisbee again.

Love Ya All, Well, except for strangers… so don’t be one

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The Best Low Light Laser Therapy Treatment for Beginners


Pain Free and Drug Free?

Why Consider Low Light Laser Treatment?physical-therapists-4b


Like most of us, I carry a lot of stress in my shoulders, felt like the weight of the world. Yes meds helped, massage helped, but it never went away, it was a constant debilitating pain.. But after a couple days of using this new low light laser therapy device, well my shoulders never bother me at all.  I know  It is hard to believe that the key to being pain free,  is a drug free, non invasive form of medicine that helps the body, at the cellular level, to heal, reduce pain and inflammation at the source,  and can create a safe and effective solution for your chronic pain, wound healing and arthritis.

I am blown away at  the ads promoting daily pain medication, and I know, that this cycle of endless pain and medications can be stopped with low light laser therapy.  I have seen and experienced the amazing healing properties of light many times over both on my own body my friends, and those of my pets.  This technology is so incredible, understandable and studied, I wonder if the big pharmaceutical companies are somehow responsible in keeping it on” the down low ” for so many years. I would like to predict that in this time and age where we are all trying to get away from the daily pain medications, that in another 20 years these devices will be a household item that  everyone  with pain can safely use in the comfort of their own homes,  and be able to live life to its fullest with out pain.  Low laser light therapy will never replace doctors, but it certainly should be added to their arsenal  of things to try before surgery and/or a life long program of drugs.  Mostly  to blame for the lack of wider acceptance among the medical profession  is the insurance companies, as most do not recognize this modality of medicine to be a viable option. Interestingly enough, most pet insurance providers do cover low light laser therapy costs for their patients

In my last post, (https://moredogsmorefun.com/the-truth-about-low-laser-therapy) I explained what low laser light therapy (LLLT) is, how it works, and how the Food and Drug Administration classifies laser units. If you haven’t read it, or if you are not sure if Laser Therapy is right for you, PLEASE take a minute to read it. I have written it with the average person in mind  and hopefully, you will find it educational and enlightening (pun intended)..

This post is a review of what I believe to be the best laser unit on the market, for the beginner, and for at home use..

let me explain a bit about my practical experience with low laser light therapy.

Keeping on the Go…

I am an active person. I have a small farm where I train horses and dogs and teach riders and handlers and with the help of my family, We do all of our own farm maintenance and gardening.  If I am down and out due to pain of any sort, the well oiled machine of getting the things done that need to be done comes grinding to a painful stop.  Basically, I do not have time for pain.

I have watched the evolution of Low light laser therapy  since the late 1970’s. As a young Equestrian, I had used just about every small laser light device that I could afford at the time, on both myself and my animals. I also was fortunate to be able to borrow a lot  of devices that belonged to sales reps or veterinarians. I used devices that were a “pad” of LED lights and a small device that used pulsed electromagnetic field energy, but my favorite and most helpful were the large Class IV devices that  I would borrow from my Vet.  Class IV Laser Devices had been the most powerful and the most dangerous (creates heat, can burn skin and damage eyes) devices on the market, but that power also brought the best results .   So you can understand my excitement when this new generation of lasers hit the market that are as  powerful or more powerful then the  Class IV lasers, SAFE enough to be classified as a Class I by the FDA,  affordable  for the at home user and cordless, making it easy, and convenient where ever I am on the farm. This is a medical grade device that has just recently become approved for private purchase.

My Pet Laser is a multi-wavelength, synchronous multi-light source Photobiomodulation device that incorporates a Super Pulsed Laser (GaAs 905 nm), an ultrabright infrared and red LEDs (875 nm and 640 nm) with a mean output of power of 133 mW. The combined wavelengths of the light “core” optimize the biological effects of the entire phototherapeutic window to accelerate recovery and reduce pain.


PRODUCT_NAME:   My Pet Laser

Overall Ranking:  9 of 10
Price:   $2,995.00
Website: http://www.multiradiance.com


  • Safe and Easy to Use with simple interface and treatment modes
  • Cordless, Ultra portable with a 8 Hour Rechargeable Battery
  • FDA Cleared for patient use at home  which reduces stress
  • Fast Pain Relief
  • Pulsing Red, and Infrared Radiances


All the Laser units from Multi Radiance Medical are amazing medical grade devices, and they all use the same wavelengths with the same delivery. Some of the more Professional units have more options of combinations of the wavelengths, they have more power which  allows them to have a shorter treatment time ( 2 minutes compared to 5), and have a blue laser which works on wounds to kill bacteria. They are also a bit more pricey…

Because these units are sold to such a diverse market (chiropractors, dentists, veterinarians, physical therapists, etc),  MRM marketing department has created  different color sleeves for different markets. This Blue “My Pet Laser” is the same unit as the new “Pain Away” (has a red cover) you can find on the website. This is where the ranking lost a point in my book.. more complicated than it needs to be.. These lasers are just recently being sold to the general public for at home and personal use and it seems they really haven’t given names much thought


This Product must have the big pharmaceutical companies worried to death.  Everyone should have a low light laser therapy device.  I use this unit on my arthritic hands (otherwise I would not be typing this) and later tonight I will use it on my corgi. This unit is SAFE! Only pregnant women and people with pacemakers need to seek professional guidance.  This unit can be used on any living being in your house with acute or chronic pain including your dogs, cats, horses.. everyone!



 I absolutely love the Quick Reference Guide that comes with this laser.. It tells you exactly which of the three settings to use for the effect you are needing.

This low light laser therapy device comes with the blue protective sleeve and a plastic case that includes the charger. It also comes with a 2 year warranty with an option to purchase another 3 years.


Multi Radiance Medical has a small inside sales department that handles the needs of the outside sales force. For best support and better price , purchase from an outside sales representative that is trained in all aspects of low light laser therapy its use and classes..


This units price is listed as  $ 2,995.00.  Outside Sales Representatives can often find creative ways to lower the price and  can include  FREE    e-books on methods etc.

Multi Radiance Medical technology uses different frequencies simultaneously and can penetrate up to 4—5 inches deep into the target tissue.


Before buying any other Low light laser therapy device, Please read carefully.. there are recently, a lot of laser and light therapy devices in many of the high end catalogs, that with a little tricky wording in the descriptions,  leads one to believe that the FDA has something to do with  approval of these devices where in reality this is just crafty marketing. Most of these products do no harm, but do not deliver the needed light energy to treat tissues beyond a few centimeters.

These MRM Laser units are used in 80% of chiropractic colleges world wide. They are used in all the top Veterinary Universities and by the Olympic Equestrian teams.  Athletic directors for many major league teams Use MRM laser therapy to keep their players on the field.

Therapeutic lasers are getting better every year. These new lasers that have now entered the  marketplace provide deeper tissue penetration, higher power densities and reliable electronics to achieve better clinical outcomes. The Multi Radiance Medical ” your Pet Laser” really is the ultimate safe and affordable  solution for chronic pain, wound healing, and  arthritis for all your family members. It is  A New, Better Idea in Pain Management.


 What does Low Light Laser treatment feel like? Does it hurt?
There is little or no sensation during low light laser treatment. Some report feeling a mild, soothing warmth or tingling.

Are there any side effects or associated risks?
Within the more then 4000 studies and with more than twenty years of use by practitioners around the world, very few side effects have ever been reported. If a patient is allergic or ultra sensitive to light they may get a rash for a few days. Occasionally, as the healing response occurs, some chronic injuries or pain syndromes may initially feel aggravated post treatment .

How long does the treatment take?
Depending on the condition and the size of the area being treated, The average treatment duration is 5 minutes.

How frequently should a patient be treated?
Acute conditions can initially be treated once or twice a day. Chronic conditions respond best when treatments are received 3-4 times per week.

How many treatments does it take?
Treatment  varies with the each condition. Acute conditions may only require 1-6 treatments while more chronic or long standing issues may require 10-15 sessions and may require periodic ongoing care. Older patients generally require more treatments for the safe effects

How long until I notice results?
You may feel results after your first treatment. Each treatment is cumulative and most patients feel results after 2-3 sessions.


“Treatment with laser therapy is not based on heat development, but on photochemical and photobiological effects in cells and tissues.”

-Tuner & Hode, 2010, pg. 71-The New Laser Therapy Handbook

Brmarty-rosemaryeed: Yorkie
Name and Age: Mia (13)

Owner’s Report: Our little Yorkie, Mia, has been a very special part of our life. But, at 13 1/2, there were many times she had a hard time just getting up in the morning. We’ve known since her birth that she’d been diagnosed with subluxating patellae, but we’d resisted the thought of putting her through surgery until recently. We tried meds, but they didn’t work.

The orthopedic surgeon told us on a four scale, she was a 4 on the right side and 3 on the left. Fortunately, a good friend and animal nutritionist told us about your laser therapy. We tried it and it has worked very very well. We just wish we’d known about it sooner, she is much more comfortable. We couldn’t believe it could make such a difference, but it has and we now highly recommend it for anyone. Thank you.

Share your Story…

Do you have a laser story you would like to share? Low light laser therapy has helped me  so much…I’d love to hear your story.. Please take a minute and drop me a line below..   May we all be Pain Free and Drug Free…!

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