Walter- An Angels Story


This is Walter.

Walter 8 x 10 Acrylic

I met Walter at his home in Maryland. A magical place really, owned by an angel.

The house is huge and old, built from stone and slate, a hundred years ago it was a school house.

Outside, it is cold and windy, inside sunny, and bright, The house flows with energy and joy. A grey whirlwind of fur greets us.

Walter in himself, is a small miracle.

Transferred to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah from another shelter, where he was picked up as a stray, Walter was already missing one leg and dragging another.

Being the charmer he is, Walter made it known that he wanted no part of pity, and when his second leg was removed, He was up and about in no time. Walter made a lot of friends at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, and it wasn’t long before he was ready to be adopted.

When Melody* saw Walter online, she knew that he would come to live with her. Melody has other animals that are disadvantaged, and had recently lost her canine companion. Melody does not feel sorry or pity her pets, but she is able to offer them the opportunity to live life at its fullest, knowing that some day she will have to make the hard decisions when quality of life has all but vanished and arthritis takes control of Walters two good legs.

But for now Walter and Melody are Angels among us.

It is not for Walter or Melody that I write this,  but because of them.

I write this for my sister, who crossed the rainbow bridge just months after meeting Walter herself.

My sister suffered from alcohol abuse for a good part of her adult life. Liver failure finally took its toll and landed her in the hospital, where she realized the  grave situation that she was in. She rallied, and made a good attempt to get her life back.

Laurie found employment with a pet sitting group and soon was found by Melody, who needed someone to be with Walter on the days when she worked long hours.  Melody and Laurie hit it off and soon Laurie was living in the basement of the old school house with a handful of cats and Walter.

Walter played, and he smiled, He made Laurie smile. Walter made friends with the neighbors dog and they played for hours. Walter and his new friend would run up and down the flights of stairs, back outside and around the house, never letting his disability slow him down.

Walter showed Laurie that you can be happy even if you have suffered. He showed her how to laugh again and  he showed her that you should never give up. Walter showed her Love.

Melody never knew about Laurie’s past, They became fast friends and enjoyed movie nights and girl’s nights out with Melody’s  friends, no one  asked Laurie why she didn’t drink.

No one knows what exactly happened, but Laurie had been hospitalized enough to know that her time was limited and that she did not want to leave this place hooked up in a hospital bed. On the Saturday that I saw her, just before her death, she didn’t feel good, and we encouraged her to get checked out. Sunday she went to a urgent care center where they were unable to prescribe anything due to her health and sent her home.  Monday morning Melody left her in bed. When she returned from work. Laurie was gone.  Walter was with her.

Laurie loved being with Walter and was looking forward to adventures  with Walter and Melody. I hope others get to share the magic of Walter.  Laurie was one month short of 57.

As unintentional as it may seem, I am convinced that the chance meeting of Laurie and Melody,  because of Walter, was no accident, but an intervention by a power greater then all of us to help a damaged soul heal,  and to be at peace, knowing there is Love.

Thank You Melody for giving Walter such a great home where he can show others what it means to live. You are both Blessed, and will forever be in our families heart.


*names have been changed

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